What We Do/How We Can Help

One branch of HDCS is our support services. We can help you or your family in a variety of ways. We work with children & adults of all ages that might have challenges, barriers or disabilities.


Here are some examples:
Your child might be having trouble in school or be newly diagnosed and you are not sure where to start! You might be unsure if you are connected to the right people for your situation. You might be worried about your child's transition from Elementary School to High School or High School to Life. Your child might be experiencing some challenging behaviors. You might be an adult living independently but needing support from time to time. You wish you had more opportunities to get out of the house. 

This is just a start- give us a call today to see how we can help.


Here are some more specific things that we can do:

Individual & family support to access a variety of community resources


Assistance for families in navigating Government systems 


Supportive listening 


Information & advocacy


Support in obtaining appropriate care-givers and mentors 



Training opportunities and presentations for caregivers, mentors, families and community members 



Participation in school teams, program planning and transitional planning

Mara Doepker, RSW

Support Services Coordinator