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Summer Recreation & Respite Program 

The Summer Recreation & Respite Program is a Summer Day Camp that runs throughout July & August. 
This program is intended for children aged 4-16, who may require some extra support at camp due to varying abilities.


This program is very flexible and strives to work with the schedules and needs of each family.
A Coordinator is hired to plan the events and prepare the schedules for the summer. Additional students are hired as Support Workers to provide increased supervision appropriate for our campers needs.


There is no registration fee for this camp. A cost of approximately $25/summer participant is requested to assist with activity costs. Activities include playing at the park, crafts, bowling, swimming, music, field trips to regional lakes, community sight-seeing and tours, theme days and much more.
This program is operated through grants and fundraising only. This means that there are a limited number of spaces available so register early! The deadline for registrations is typically mid April. 
Registration forms will be reviewed to determine if your child is eligible for our summer camp. Preference will be given to participants who have already participated in and have been found to be a good fit for the program.
If you are a parent wanting to register a child, or a Post-Secondary student returning to school in the fall who is interested in this employment opportunity, please speak with Mara at 306-682-1455 or email:


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