Transition Process:

The transition process is moving on from being a high school student to an adult member in your community.  Becoming an adult means that you will have things to think about and many questions to ask.

Imagine yourself after high school?  Where do you see yourself working?  Where do you see yourself living?

Sitting down with your family, friends and teachers to talk and to answer any questions you have is important.  Once you have idea of something you might enjoy doing, it is time to start planning for the future.


Transition Planning

Transition planning takes place during the Individual Training Plan (ITP) process.  This is the time when you share your plans for life after high school with your ITP team.  This process is also a wonderful opportunity for your team to gather information about your skills and interests.  Most high school's have a 'Work Experience' program.  These programs are great to take and use to explore working in business's in your community to find what you might be interested in.  You might enjoy working somewhere you never thought you would have any interest in.  The information from this experience will give the people on your team information to develop your transition.


When do we start transition planning?

Transition meetings are done in the school with your family, teachers and support workers.  We can start meeting when the individual is 14 years of age and then meeting twice a year until the student is ready to leave high school.  During this time we work on: What your vision is for the future, what classes you are taking to help prepare yourself for the future.

Once the individual has a future plan for employment, Humboldt & Area Supported Employment Program (HASEP) will work more closely with the individual to help them with future employment, resumes, cover letters, being an advocate, interviews, maintenance and much more.


Please contact the office if you have any questions @ 306-682-1455.